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Welcome to application site of SK Hradčany

Registration of parent profile

On this website, you as a parent of gymnast, can easily and quickly:

  • register your parent profile with basic information and contact details
  • create children profiles
  • create applications for your children to gymnastic preparation courses or racing gymnastics courses
  • choose preferred trainer*
  • view scheduled dates of your children in gymnastic preparation courses
  • send absence apologies from particular dates of gymnastic preparation courses **
  • choose and apply for alternative hours as a compensation for apologized standard hours up to the level of free hours in child's hour fund


* We'll try to do our best to follow your wish, but we have to reserve the right to choose a trainer by ourselves in order to evenly use all the capacities or because of other operating reasons. Thank you for your understanding.
** All on-time apologized standard hours generate automatically +1 hour to child's fund, which can be used later on for alternative hour scheduling. This system is valid only for gymnastic preparation courses, lessons of racing gymnastics cannot be replaced.


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